Historic City


This canvas print of Jerusalem is a showstopper thanks to its intricate detail but also due to its striking rectangular shape that makes it stand out on any wall.
The artist used the one line sketching technique whereby he puts his pen to the paper and does not lift it off until the sketch is complete. He then filled in the colour behind the sketch.

Medium: Premium art print on 100% cotton canvas ready for framing or stretching.

Size: 15×60 cm/6×23.5 in



About the Artist: Mohammed Joulani

Joulani was one of Jerusalem’s most promising young artists at the time of his death in 2020. A founding member of the Visual Artists Club of Jerusalem and an extraordinary talent, his work revolved around themes of space, identity, freedom, and love. His artwork of Jerusalem conveyed a sense of what is eternal in the city, what makes it beautiful and meaningful despite the rapid transformations it is undergoing.