Aqabet Etkeya 1887

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An ancient soup kitchen, the Etkeya was built in 1552 upon the orders of Roxalana, the wife of Suleiman the Magnificent, to feed poor residents and pilgrims to the Old City of Jerusalem. Located in the Muslim Quarter next to the Dome of the Rock, the Etkeya is still in operation today and opens five days a week to provide meals for the needy. The buildings of the Etkeya have retained their unique appearance despite the passing of the years. This canvas print is a reproduction of an original pencil drawing.

Medium: Black and white print on canvas ready for framing or stretching

Size: Large (33 x 53 cm/12.9 x 20.8 in) or Small (22 x 33 cm/8.6 x 12.9in)


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About the Artist: Shehab Kawasmi

Shehab was born on Chain Street in the Old City of Jerusalem and enrolled at the Artists’ House in Jerusalem at the age of 17. He also studied art in Austria and France. In 1984 he started a project to record images of the streets, alleys and landmarks of Jerusalem in past times. Using ancient photographs or prints, he takes us back in time to key sites and daily life in the Old City in an attempt to narrate and document a forgotten past. Shehab’s pictures stand out for their minute detail and his ability to use various shades of grey like a musical mosaic. In recent years he has added vistas of the modern Jerusalem skyline to his collection.