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Inspired by true tales of women’s lives, ‘Family’ is a portrayal of the close family bonds and female companionship typical of Middle Eastern society. Haya’s portraits leave us to guess at each woman’s story but a common theme is the presence of birds as a symbol of the search for freedom.

Medium: Art print ready for framing

Size: 28×19 cm/ 11×7.5 in

About the Artist Haya Kaabneh

For Haya, art is both a form of self-expression and an emotional release. Haya lives in Jericho and paints using acrylic or watercolours in a repertoire that includes portraits, abstracts and still life. She says: “I express myself through art as many subjects are too sensitive for me to talk about.” Her work has appeared in several exhibitions in Palestine and in the Museum of the Palestinian People in the USA.