Herod’s Gate


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The hustle and bustle of street traders and Bedouin sellers at Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City comes alive in this beautifully crafted vivid print of an oil on canvas painting.

Medium: Premium art print on 100% cotton canvas ready for framing or stretching

Size: 20 x 26 cm/7.8 x 10 in

About the Artist: Sophie Walbeoffe

Sophie Walbeoffe is a British artist who studied Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art, and later with Cecil Collins at the Central School of Art, a teacher inspired by Eastern spirituality. From this moment Sophie adopted an impulsive way of working, using both hands, which she says ‘creates magic straight away’. For many years a resident of Kenya where her husband owns a camel farm, Sophie spent two and a half years in Jerusalem painting the sights and people of the city with her inimitable flair and eye for detail, often sitting in the streets surrounded by a group of curious local onlookers. These paintings were subsequently exhibited in a successful exhibition in London.