Holy Sepulchre in Past Times (Original)


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The iconic Church of the Holy Sepulchre has attracted pilgrims for centuries and is a symbol of Jerusalem’s status as Christian city. In this detailed oil on canvas painting, the artist depicts the church in a historical setting some 200 years ago with pilgrims gathered in the courtyard.

Medium: Oil on canvas/2017

Size: 41 x 56 cm/16 x 22 in

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About the Artist: Aram Hambaryan

Armenian artist Aram Hambaryan started painting as a child and attended art school from the age of 14. He went on to obtain a PhD in Art History in Armenia and worked as an art teacher before coming to Jerusalem in 2015 to lecture in History. He is inspired by the rich architectural heritage of the area that is the perfect backdrop for Aram’s talent for painting the stone walls and historic buildings of the Old City.